Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doppelgangers - The Long Road Home EP

Ladies and Gentlemen - Our FREE debut project, "The Long Road Home EP" has arrived. To download it, simply CLICK ON THE PICTURE ABOVE. Then, ask everyone you know to do the same.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Myspace Tracks

The EP is almost done. In the meantime, you can check out some of the tracks on our myspace page.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Story of Dopplegangers

Being that band websites always include a section on group origins, it's only fair to share the way in which Doppelgangers came to be.

While attending film school in 2005, Charles mentioned to one of his classmates that he had "dabbled" in rap writing a couple of years prior. By dabble, he meant that he had recorded a total of five songs in his entire life. His classmate responded by saying that one of her good friends from college (henceforth known as "Fist") had also dabbled in the genre. By dabble, she meant three full albums.

Weeks later, as Charles started dating the aforementioned classmate, he began e-mailing with Fist. This was in part to allow him to vet the guy who was dating one of his best friends, and in part to talk rap. Over the next three years, there were many e-mail exchanges, zero phone calls, and zero meetings in person. Along the way, their mutual friend would often point our their similarities, always using the phrase "you guys are like doppelgangers!" Of course, they looked nothing alike (Fist is Korean, and Charles is white, which makes being actual doppelgangers a bit difficult). Instead, the similarities were things like watching The West Wing, loving breakfast cereal, and of course, knowing a lot about rap.

Finally, in 2008, Charles decided that he was going to make another rap ep. The reason was simple: he was turning 30, and had recorded his first song the night before he turned 20. With only five songs in ten years, it was time to step up his game. After more e-mails and their first ever phone call, the two started making songs. Because they were on opposite coasts, they would record separately, e-mail their verses back and forth, and adjust the levels based on how the songs sounded in their cars. Ironically, Charles and Fist have still never met in person. The ep is truly a product of the internet age.

With all that said, here we are today: The Long Road Home EP, which got it's name because we liked the cover photo and needed something that fit. We're both very proud of it, and looking forward to the next project. In the meantime, download it, tell your friends to do the same, and then download it again.